This blog not only showcases the production art of animated films, but the personal work of the artists behind the magic.

I’ve gotten a few notes recently so I would like to address those now.

1. Some people have asked why I was only posting CalArts student films and not the films from other schools. The truth is because I found the CalArts Character Animation Vimeo channel, which put all the videos in one spot making it easy to post everything here. I only have so much time I can dedicate to this blog so I am always going to miss something. Please feel free to submit links here.

2. Why am I re-posting videos that were already posted by the original artist? Because I didn’t know they had been. As I said, I was using a Vimeo channel that gave no links to tumblr blogs and I didn’t have the time to search for each video to see if the creator had posted it or not. That said, if they have been posted, please shoot me a note with a link to the artist’s blog so I can update the video posts with proper source.