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My Visual Development Work from Frozen - Part 1



How about a blast from the past?

Frozen just came out, and ”The Art of Frozen” book is also available for purchase, but since I haven’t seen what is included of my work in the book yet, I’ll post a few things I gathered from the work I’ve done on the movie.

The work I did consisted mostly of character designing- mainly Kristoff and Anna, and some Elsa. I started work on Frozen I think from all the way back in 2009.

Minus this very first image of Kristoff and Anna, these images will probably be from the earliest versions. The visual development from later and most recent versions will probably be in part 2 and part 3.



These drawings are the very first designs I did for Anna and Kristoff.

As many of you may know, animated films go through various changes, which includes characters and their personalities. In this early version, Anna and Kristoff’s characters were different from who they are in the final film. 

The main cultural reference we focused on back then was a group of reindeer-herding indigenous group of Scandinavians called the Sami People. (

So I started from there with these designs, trying to be as faithful as I can to their unique and beautiful costumes. 

Some variations of Kristoff:




and Anna:


Probably the most different thing about the earliest version was the Snow Queen her self.

Here are some designs of her based off the earliest iterations:



It’s always a little uneasy seeing your old work, and even more so to share it with everyone. I drew differently, and thought of drawing differently. But seeing these drawings from 4 years ago, and how much movement has happened since then, gives me anticipation for my growth as an artist in the future. Hopefully I’ll be at a much better, different place 4 years from now too. 

Also, congratulations to the whole Frozen crew for creating such a hit. Now just comes the good part.:)

If you would like to see more of the artistry gone into Frozen by many people, check out “The Art of Frozen”:

All the images from Frozen is the property of the Walt Disney company.

Part 2 and Part 3 coming soon..

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Charlie Kelly & The Waitress UP Parody

from It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia S09E06 The Gang Saves The Day

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Maxwell Atoms, the creator of Billy & Mandy has a Kickstarter up to help fund his new webseries, Dead Meat! There’s only 48 hours left to help fund this project.

I’ve stressed on here before the importance of backing creator owned shows and independent films - and this is a project you don’t want to miss out on being able to support.

The industry is changing, and this is where it’s at. I know a lot of people who follow this blog are animation students, and artists themselves and you might all end up finding yourselves in this same spot; I know I will! We’re all very creative people, and the Hollywood system necessarily isn’t. And when studios aren’t willing to take a chance on our creative abilities and ideas - we’ll have to go through other routes to get things made.

Kickstarter is a wonderful platform, and when guys like Maxwell Atoms come along and need help raising funds to get a project like Dead Meat off the ground, you better believe I’m gonna do what I can to help out.

There’s only two days left for the Dead Meat Kickstarter to raise almost $17,000. I feel like a Televangelist asking for money, but if everyone who follows this blog gave $2.00, the project would be funded. And at least we know that Maxwell Atoms won’t run away with the money and build a giant mansion in Texas. Instead, we’ll get a quality-bad ass web series with puppets and violence, who doesn’t want that??

Head on over to Kickstarter to find out more on Dead Meat.

Billy and Mandy creator Maxwell Atoms is looking to create a post-apocalyptic wed cartoon.

"Dead Meat" is a twisted R-rated buddy comedy/action movie featuring a mixture of live actors, puppets, and a surreal combination of practical and digital FX.  If "The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy" was my take on laughing at irrational childhood fears, "Dead Meat" is my take on laughing at the often all-too-real fears of adulthood. 

Kickstarter ends in 9 days.