This blog not only showcases the production art of animated films, but the personal work of the artists behind the magic.
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Stunning Bird of Paradise Animation by James Baxter, with Clean up Animation by Kendra Baxter.

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Hello visitors and followers,

starting from today, we will be posting artwork done by our tremendously talented crew of friends as often as time allows. 

This is a rough animation test done by Jennifer Hager, from a scene that was edited out of the film. Jen brought so much knowledge of dog movement to the film. Enjoy! 

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“A Character Study — old Mother Gothel”

Jin Kim | graphite

Source: Cosmo Animato, Jin Kim’s blog

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“The Lion King” 1994

Rough cut of the stampede scene. It’s pretty low quality, I think it came off the laserdisc release. But it’s got a nice mix of rough animation, storyboards and computer generated stuff. Always fun to see work in progress.

  • Young Simba - Mark Henn, Tom Bancroft, Broose Johnson, T. Daniel Hofstedt, Danny Wawrzazek
  • Mufasa - Tony Fucile, Phil Young, chris Wahl, Brad Kuha
  • Scar - Andreas Deja, Doug Frankel, Jean Morel, Mark Koetsier, Alex Williams
  • Zazu - Ellen Woodbury
  • Wildebeests - Linda Bel (one of my AAU teachers =D), Gregory Griffith
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“Ed, Edd n’ Eddy” 1999-2009

This is, I believe, an animation test for an episode. I don’t think any of this made it to television, but it’s fun to watch anyway. 

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“Mulan” 1998